Out of Control?

Your virtual worship guide for Sunday Morning May 17, 2020

Confession of Sin: (read together)

Almighty and most merciful Father,
we have erred and strayed from your ways like lost sheep.
We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts. We have offended against your holy laws.
We have left undone those things which we ought to have done,
and we have done those things which we ought not to have done;
and apart from your grace, there is no health in us.
O Lord, have mercy upon us.
Spare all those who confess their faults.

Restore all those who are penitent, according to your promises declared to all people in Christ Jesus our Lord.

And grant, O most merciful Father, for his sake,
that we may now live a godly, righteous, and sober life, to the glory of your holy Name. Amen.

Rock of Ages: (sung together)

Rock of Ages, cleft for me
Let me hide myself in thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From thy wounded side which flowed, Be of sin the double cure,
Cleanse me from its guilt and pow’r.

Not the labors of my hands
Can fulfil thy law’s demands; Could my zeal no respite know, Could my tears for ever flow,
All for sin could not atone;
Thou must save, and thou alone.

Scripture Reading:

Philippians 1:19–26

“for I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance, as it is my eager expectation and hope that I will

not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. If I am to live in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. Yet which I shall choose I cannot tell. I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better. But to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account. Convinced of this, I know that I will remain and continue with you all, for your progress and joy in the faith, so that in me you may have ample cause to glory in Christ Jesus, because of my coming to you again.” (ESV)

Rock of Ages: (sung together)

Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to the cross I cling; naked, come to thee for dress; helpless, look to thee for grace; foul, I to the fountain fly;

wash me, Savior, or I die.

While I draw this fleeting breath, when mine eyes shall close in death, when I soar to worlds unknown,
see thee on thy judgment throne, Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
let me hide myself in thee.

For the Week

Scripture Memory Verse for the week:

Philippians 1:21
“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Scripture Meditations for the week:

Psalm 121:1-2
“I lift my eyes to the hills, from where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.”

What are you trying to run from? What are you trying to run to? How can you run to God instead?

Philippians 1:19-26:
Where do you struggle with control in your life?
How do you try to keep control in less than helpful ways?
What does it mean for you to try to control where you place your hope rather than your circumstances?

Prayers for the Week:

For the Spread of the Gospel

Father in Heaven, as we look to our comforts and our challenges, we acknowledge first that you are the one who has made the heavens and the earth. And so, we turn our eyes to you and we pray that in the midst of our joys and sorrows, and especially in the midst of the trials brought through the coronavirus and the shutdowns we’re enduring, that you would be at work to draw people to yourself.

For the Church

We pray for the church, especially here in Helena, but throughout the world. Lord, would you grant that what we profess with our lips, we would live with our lives. And would you preserve in us the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. Lord we pray especially that you would move us both individually and corporately to honor your name through loving our neighbors well right now.

For the suffering and afflicted

Finally, Lord, we commend to your care all those who are in any way suffering or afflicted in body, mind, or spirit, remembering especially Ann, Naomi and her son, and Taylor and his family. Lord, you know their needs and what is best for each of them.
We pray that you strengthen the and comfort them in the midst of their hardships and if it would be your will even deliver them, but in everything, let them find you faithful and merciful. We ask this all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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