Drilling Into Joy

“It is better to hear one sermon only and meditate on that, than to hear two sermons and meditate on neither.”  

Thomas White

How often have we longed for the feeling that happens on Sunday morning to last longer?  How often do we go to church, come home, put our bibles away, maybe even continue our bible reading plans on Monday morning, but we’ve forgotten the life-giving word spoken to us by God before we even left the building?  It can be easy even to grow discouraged and even to give up.  Perhaps other Christians are changed as they hear the Word preached, but not us.  

Perhaps the issue has less to do with how good the sermon was or how good we are at remembering and applying it and more to do with a particular challenge of our day.  In the age of the internet, our problem isn’t finding enough good information, it’s letting that information sink in deeply.  In fact, with the deluge of good teaching (and bad teaching for that part!) that we can find on the internet, we can often find ourselves moving from book to book, devotional to devotional, podcast to podcast, and sermon to sermon, with little real deep application in our daily lives.  As we’ve walked through this season of life, I’ve tried to supply us with some options for how we can meditate on what has been preached.  One option we’ve given is the Swedish Bible Study Method that we talked about in a previous post.  Today I’d like to give families and listeners three questions to meditate on or discuss.  Perhaps you can disucss these with your children, call and ask them to a friend, or even journal out your answers to them as a way for applying God’s word more deeply in your life. 

1. What takes you joy away from you? 

2. What do you think would make you truly happy?

3. How can you have joy despite this? 

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I am an unworthy pastor in an exciting church humbled by where God is calling me to be.

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