What is Broken for the Body?

Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

John Watson

Welcome to Broken for the Body! We are all dealing with greater struggles than we can begin to imagine.  Addiction, family strife, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, financial stress, and insecurity plague our lives.  Throughout the years, we’ve all figured out ways to manage our brokenness.  We play the victim; anesthetize with TV or drugs or alcohol or sex; protect ourselves with anger, withdrawal, and denial; we try to cover over our pain with money, or success, or body image, or possessions.  We may deceive everyone else, but we each set our head down on a pillow at night to an onslaught of insecurities, wounds, worries, and disappointments.  This blog is dedicated to the idea that it’s only as we enter into our brokenness that we find true healing.  It’s as we face our own pain that we begin to find fellowship with Jesus in His sufferings.  It’s in the light of life’s disappointments that we find solace in the one who was broken for the body…

Published by boydmonster

I am an unworthy pastor in an exciting church humbled by where God is calling me to be.

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