Drilling Into Joy

“It is better to hear one sermon only and meditate on that, than to hear two sermons and meditate on neither.”   Thomas White How often have we longed for the feeling that happens on Sunday morning to last longer?  How often do we go to church, come home, put our bibles away, maybe even continue ourContinue reading “Drilling Into Joy”

Loose a Lion in Your Living Room

As a parent, my overarching concern for my children is for them to come to love Christ, and this is no small matter.  We see the stats paraded in front of us every day.  Children are raised in the church, only to walk away in adulthood.  If the internet is to be believed, it will be almost impossibleContinue reading “Loose a Lion in Your Living Room”

A Daily Office For Social Distancing

When I was in college, all the business majors had to read a book called “Who Moved My Cheese?”  The concept of the book is about two mice, or rats, (I never read the book), who are put into a maze.  One of the rats is methodical and thoughtful and finds the quickest way to the cheeseContinue reading “A Daily Office For Social Distancing”

Virtual Worship Guide

Correction: Youtube will launch at 10:30 as well. Sorry for the confusion! Update: Virtual Church will launch on our Facebook page at 10:30 tomorrow morning and on youtube  at 10:49.  If you aren’t able to use either of these, you can listen to audio alone on our podcast. It’s good to know that even though we can’t be physicallyContinue reading “Virtual Worship Guide”

What is Broken for the Body?

“Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” John Watson Welcome to Broken for the Body! We are all dealing with greater struggles than we can begin to imagine.  Addiction, family strife, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, financial stress, and insecurity plague our lives.  Throughout the years, we’ve all figured out ways to manage our brokenness.  We play theContinue reading “What is Broken for the Body?”

Sunday Service Moving Online

One of the chief goods we are praying for is that God would connect us together and to our neighbors in new ways that honor and glorify Him.   Dear Church,             In addition to directives from federal and state governments in the past week, yesterday Lewis and Clark Public Health wrote to churches asking them toContinue reading “Sunday Service Moving Online”

Biblical Confidence in Quarantine

We find ourselves isolated from gathering together for an undetermined amount of time.  How will this affect our community? We say we believe in the bible.  We hold orthodox theology.  We resist the temptation to water it down or change it for the culture around us.  We might even try to live by what it says, read it regularly,Continue reading “Biblical Confidence in Quarantine”